Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fashion Line: Admire Couture's (...Interesting?) Spoiler.

Admire delivered decently when it came time for the unveiling for the first collection. The clothing was beautiful, the poses were awful, the runway was beautiful, and the models were decent. So that averages out to a slightly-better-than-mediocre collection. Backtrack! It was their first. A debut. Not much was expected. For a debut? They were pretty good!

Yet come time for the spoiler of the second collection? I was a bit disappointed. I do admit that the hair, the suit, and the layout was beautiful...the pose? The face? A little deranged, hmmm? The pose needs darker edges, especially the legs and hands blend in. The profile and face shape is like ummmm and the neck and face have absolutely no edges, it looks the same. Promising, but not executed well.
On the other hand, it is a hard graphic to attempt, so you have to give them a little credit there. But part of graphic designing is knowing where you are and what you can handle when choosing the level of difficulty for the graphic. A challenge is always great in experimentation and a mild one is great for things such as this as well, but this was wayyy to beyond the level of the artist, obviously. The hair wasn't. The clothing wasn't. But the rest? Can't stand it.

But, I can also tell that if the artist undertook a more simplistic graphic, using a stardoll face, the results would be beautiful, with highlights on hair.

What do you think of this graphic? Up to standards, or not so much?


  1. I have nothing against you but a bit harsh-I think yes.
    I beg to differ.
    Sinbabee took forever to make that.
    But if promising is what you want- oh just WAIT til the couture comes out,hunny.

  2. By the way it's ADMIRE not ALLURE ;)

  3. Sweety, don't be offended! And this is a review, my personal opinion, not an advertisement. And I said the collection does look promising ;)

    Yes, I will make the change. Thank you for letting me know about this!