Saturday, February 19, 2011

Vanity Magazine

After snooping around to find new magazine releases, I found this one, Vanity. Owned by Dalotia and designed by Dalotia, I think this is a pretty well done magazine.

Hadamistica featured as the stunning covergirl being different as she showed her own talent of graphics (see for the first part of interview, left side). She was easy to confront and looked stunning in the graphics.

A model with curves posed for the Spring Collection 2011 and looked amazing as she slipped into a one-shoulder pink dress.

Being responsible, Vanity magazine opened out on 'being green'. They mentioned how being Environment Friendly.

The Credits;

My Review:
Graphics~ 8/10, some looked weird and others wobbly but most were stunning! 
Layout~ 9/10, I loved the layout. It was all calm and peaceful like Spring is.
Writing~ 9/10, simple and easy. PERFECT!

Overall Rating~ 8.5/10
Comment~ For an unknown magazine with only 37 followers, your magazine is amazing. Even though this is your first issue that is in English and not Spanish


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