Friday, December 3, 2010

Fashion Line: Admire's rejected graphic + a new promising line soon to come?

Despite the disappointing spoiler, after seeing a rejected graphic for Admire Couture's second collection, my jaw dropped. The reason this was rejected was because it didn't fit the 'Futuristic Theme'. I agree, the leather vest really has that '50's Grunge' trend kind of feeling to it. Not futuristic at all. But it definitely shows promise towards the line!

Plus, a new line is on it's way! It looks very promising. Blahm3 is a creative mastermind and Tonia.ftw has one of the best graphic making talents out there, so I am very excited about how this one will turn out. It seems very exciting! Go check it out here.


  1. Thank so much your very sweet :) x

  2. No problem! And it's true, you are a very creative person. <3