Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fashion Line: Unkown Allison_arg4's Breakthrough Designs

Imagine my surprise while surfing the stardoll web when I suddenly come by a beautiful dress. Looking more into it, I find a whole collection of couture gowns, $14, in all shapes, colors and styles.

A sexy design with beautiful colors. I think that this one was the highlight of the collection.

Then come some glittery dresses. I like the colors, the glitter was well done, overall very great!
She made sure to make a few lacy numbers that would fit into a more sophisticated setting.

Aren't this just perfect for a typical teenager's party? The black+neon ones are gorgeous, and I like the experimentation she did by making the base a colorful color. Both gorgeous!

These more office-looking dresses end the collection. Still beautiful, but on a more professional level.

My jaw dropped, literally, when I first glanced at these precious designs.  They are definitely showing talent. I bought one and am a very happy costumer. I might even buy a few more in the near future.

*** Update***

With more research I have found that her main account is Allison_arg where she has an even bigger collection of beautiful clothes, although the dresses she sells on her 'Designing Only' account are the best ones of all.


  1. OMG! Thank you so much for featuring me! I was just bored and decided to google my medoll and wow! I was here!! Thank you, really. I truly appreciate when someone likes my work. That keeps me going. I'm working on a Golden Christmas line now which will be released on December 15. You can see a preview in Allison_Arg4 album. ;DDD


  2. It was my pleasure to post about your feature-worthy designs! They really are beautiful! If I'll like the Golden Christmas line I will definitely also feature it here.