Thursday, December 23, 2010

And They Steal MY Graphics?

Now I started making graphics in late July 2010, and my main graphics were for my blog banner business. I would charge a meager $20-50 for so-so graphics, but hey, it's where I got my experience and practice. So imagine my anger when Pallie.25 on Stardoll Society steals my graphic and modifies it to her own? Ok, I wouldn't have been mad if she at least wrote 'Graphic by Tapstar321' but she makes it look like she did it? Here's the originaL

And look at this one:

Hmmmm...the pose and the dress (Dress was designed by me, not just graphically made, keep in mind) seem a bit familiar, eh? And does it say anywhere that its my graphic? No.  I contacted her. 
She ignored it thus far.

Ok, its a crappy graphic but pardon me, I had only a month of graphics practice at the time. But still, its one of my first works and I am proud of it, and then she STEALS it.

In other words, can you kindly tell me via comments what I should do? And I just wanted to get it out there that beware of this graphic stealer and remember that this graphic was done by me.

***Update:  hanae785 Claimed to make the graphic, then when I show her evidence she says her friend made it:


  1. If you go to her original post it says that hanae785 made it so hanae stole it not Pallie