Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gossip: Gettin' Crazy at Star Awards After Parties

In addition to hosting a party and attending the fabulous Baya's after party, I was invited to come to Queen-of-Mean's after party bash. What started off as a promising party turned out to be a sleazy one, filled with excessive drinking and some very PDA moments, especially with Brit-On-Me and Queen-of-Mean's pact to stay an inch or less closer to each other at all times. After a few minutes, I left the part, disgusted. 

Oh, and here's the list of those that won:

Best Female Medoll Award

Best Male Medoll Award

Best Personality Award

Social Butterfly Award

Best Dressed Medoll Award

Best Interior Decorator Award

Best Clothing Designer Award

Best Graphic Artist Award

Best Magazine Award
Lipstick Magazine

Best News Blog Award
Underneath Stardoll

Best Fashion Blog Award
Tyler's Top Trends

Best Gossip Blog Award
Stardoll's Most Hated

Best Group Award
Fashion Group

Best Competition Award
Stardoll Fashion Week

Outstanding Medoll Award

Outstanding Media Award
Stardoll's Most Wanted
Special Achievement Award

EliteNews definitely deserves the two awards she's gotten, she's kind and caring, but also filled with talent. Hunnigall, also a winner of two awards, is a graphic goddess, so I'm very happy about that. Same with findurlove, its weird that she only received one award! :O There was thing on the list that was 100% undeserving of it's title and category, but shhh! My lips are sealed on who/what that is.

What after parties did you attend during? Any interesting things happened? Tell all here, via comments.

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