Monday, March 21, 2011

SFW Streetstyle; Day 1

Model Missdancer853, though on-trend, made this outfit her own with circular sunglasses and a 70's-retro feel.

Liajm, another famous model on stardoll, had to depart for France today but made her departing outfit a good one.

Socialite and model BeverlyHillsHei was sleek and chic with an electric blue bag, silver loose tunic and skinny jeans.

Socialite Undamyumbrella arguably looks like a bee in that black and yellow, but you have to love her for that gorgeous hair.

Model and SDNOH8 founder Juciimami827 looked stunning in a sexy jumpsuit and golden accents with her signiture hairstyle and bling earrings.

Famous beauty stylist Toxxic.Angel looks vintage-chic in a classic blazer, wedges and a spring dress.

The genius behind this season's SD Fashion Week, Psychotic-Freak herself looks dashing in an electric blue outfit.


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