Monday, January 17, 2011

Fashion Line: Admire Couture; Fails Then Redeems itself All in 24 hours.

Admire Couture certainly had a day when all eyes were on them. They did four major things today that stirred up drama for Dolliworld.

First off, they released a January '11 RTW Collection.
Let's put it this way...
The graphics were of poor quality,  the hair was oddly shaped and poorly shaded, and the makeup on the models was all over the place and didn't follow a theme in any way.

Yet, as I scrolled down I caught myself looking at...
The most gorgeous bag in the entire whole of Dolliworld.
I don't know if it's the simplicity, the subtle shine, or the bubbly color which I generally hate, but this is definitely an exception. So a miss with the clothes, but a definite hit in the accessory section.

Back to the fail part. Sinbabee, usually a poised member of stardoll's elite community, was in outrage of the countless bad reviews her collection was getting. Drama! 

And yet, in a desperate act to redeem her destroyed label, she far prematurely released a spoiler to the next collection.

And okay, the timing was way off. Ultimately, to get more recognition, releasing this about a week prior to the collection's opening would have been much more smart then releasing it the day of the current collection...

And yet, although this chance was lost, it did redeem the name of the label. I don't know about you, but I can't see a single flaw in this spoiler.

The hair. The makeup. The shoes. The dress. The details. The style!
The one thing I would like to say is that she always uses the same models for her collection. I think that it would be healthy for her collection to have a few fresh faces now and then.

Anyway, Admire Couture made some hits and misses today, but all in all got their major 15 minutes of fame.


  1. What I really <3 about the Spoiler is that the Model looks REAL.
    She doesn't look like some anorexic freaky girl, That has just stepped out Number 1 On the 'Skinniest Girls In The World' Issue Of A Magazine!
    It is flawless, But AC Has a LOT To work on to get our FULL Respect back :/

  2. I love the spoiler ^__^