Wednesday, February 16, 2011

LOUD Magazine Release

Posing in a pink showgirl dress, Zoë Brooke (Zoe_COUTURE) shows herself in style. She is featured as the covergirl for LOUD Magazine by xxlovexx

Interviewing for Becka (Psychotic-Freak) and Petra (Shakira_Avril) made the magazine more fascinating. (Even though, I did the interview for Becka.)

I flicked through the pages that featured amazing graphics of Hot Buys, Doc Marterns and Extraordinary (collection). In the Hot Buys page, I noticed the lovely owner of Elite Watch, Tapstar321, was featured.

 I love the blend of colours on these pages. I think they stood out well with the great graphics.

But my favourite was the Alexander Mcqueen page as I noticed, it's modelling me!

The closing curtain, the credits ... :

My Review~
Graphics- 7/10, some could be better. But some were great!
Writing- 9/10, great writing skills.
Layout-8/10, the layout was amazing.

Total Rating- 8/10
Comment: LOUD, I love your issue. It was so creative, I think you can go a long way, just try your best and let it flow. Okay? You have amazing stylists and graphic artists there so don't waste them!

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