Monday, February 14, 2011

Look of Last Week: Noelle walking into the TCA's

Noelle_Page stunned as she trotted through the entry way of the Feb '11 Classique Awards. Dazzling all the onlookers, and watchers in Dollywood. Her two bodygaurds, Bill and Mike, were behind her every step making sure her gown made from 6,000 huge flowers didn't break, and did not harm the well known starlet. 

Sources tell us, the second she saw the dress she wanted it, and did not care if she had to drop 1,000sd for it- Which she did. Even if she did not win anything, this dress is making her more talked about than the actual winners. The spotlight just can not ever leave this Beauty.

Hello, Everyone. A side note from this news brief: I am Juciimami827, a new writer for the lovely Elite Watch on Stardoll. Every week I will be naming the most glamorous look from the week before. So keep watch, and Enjoy!

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