Saturday, December 18, 2010

Magazine: Elite Magazine's Ruined Potential

I'm gonna come out and say the truth. The truth is that I really love this magazine, oh how beautiful it is, especially for a debut! Well, at least, everything but the cover.
(Haha our dear Mel bluegreen86 is the CG-but your lying if you say that she gets boring, cause she's always fun to read about, honestly)

As you can see, beautiful graphics, gotta love it! But then you take a look at the cover...
Did they steal this from a website like or It's okay to use hair from them (as long as you reference them due to copyright) but to completely take it and add a face? Especially with the obviousness of it all! A beautiful edition with a cover that completely 100% ruined the rest of it.

What do you think of Elite Magazine?


  1. Thank you. :D But, I didn't make the cover for I barely know ow to make graphics. Blueberry-dream made it.