Monday, November 22, 2010

People Watch: Mary Leaves and Mary Returns

My dear, dear friend lacestockings has left stardoll after five months of non-superstar mega stardoll success. She has had many accomplishments, from being interviewed with Stardoll's Juciiest to being the cover girl of a steadily rising in fame magazine Lipstick Magazine.

I, being one of her best friends, will miss her to pieces an I wish that she will be successful in whatever inspirational career she will pursue. She really was an inspiration on stardoll to those that don't have the ability to become superstar. She let them know that they can still achieve and really be a superstar in their own way, pardon the cheesy statement.

Her Goodbye Message:
(Thanks for mentioning me Mary <3)
On other terms, the other famed Mary of stardoll, writemarycat, is backkkkk!

 Who knows what new projects there will be with her reappearance on stardoll? But then again...let the drama begin!

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