Sunday, March 20, 2011

Is SFW Happening?

Expected to begin on Monday, Stardoll Fashion Week is on everyone's mind.

First off, we are totally fine that it keeps getting postponed, we totally understand. However, somehow, there isn't a lot of buzz going round about it. A lot of people don't know when it starts, and word isn't going around much.

I know a lot of talented people are going to take part in this, and I am really excited to see the fashion works both in stardesign and fashion design, as well as magazines (Which I am working on mine, Forever Chic Magazine, as I am typing this!). I was really getting ready and working my butt off, but I am very fearfull of SFW not happening.

What's your take on this situation?

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  1. I posted a comment on TSF about what I think on their latest post...

    Honestly, I think it won't be as good as the previous SFW, but all we can do is hope it will reach the standards and above.