Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Red Lips Magazine

 The cover was quite plain yet artistic to me. The pose here looks very complicated to do.

Click -> HERE <- to view the magazine.

The cover girl is Juciimamii827 wearing red, white, black and pink clothes to represent Valentine's Day (which is on 14th February).

 Juciimamii827 featured in a cover shoot with the one and only, Chad (Madworld)

I loved the outfit combination between Chad and Gillian. Especially, the first one in the skating rink.

 Even I (Hotangel9) and Tapstar321 appeared in this shoot. I loved mine how I was a Paris Chick whilst Tapstar321 (Nicole) was in satin blue.

MDM's owner, Noelle_page had a shoot too.

The newest project by the covergirl, JuciiMamii827 was shown in the magazine as well as, a Movies, Music and Beauty Feature. 


Graphics~ 9/10, stunning. But some of the clothes looked more realistic than virtual.
Writing~ 9/10, well explained. I loved the interviews.
Layout~ 10/10, I loved the whole Valentine's Day Theme
Total Rating~ 9.5/10

Comment: Well done, Red Lips Magazine, you've done well to impress me. I wish you the best for the 1st of March!


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