Saturday, February 5, 2011

Passion Magazine

Passion Magazine's great return was released today. Editors-in-Cheif, Danka (daisy-croatia) and Ioana (iovanca) kept very quiet I think about it.

The covergirl this time is .Pease. which has been in the hidden from the elite world for quite a while. I am happy she is appearing in it.

Co-Owner of Lipstick Magazine and Friend of Mine, Sam (vinnie99) had a little photo shoot. Though, the photo below (left) looks a little awkward but I love her outfit and face.

Even Tyler (TylerisBold) popped round for an interview. 

My Review~
Graphics- 7/10, some could be better. But some were great!
Writing- 8/10, great writing skills.
Layout-7/10, the layout was all different.

Total Rating- 7.5/10
Comment: Passion, I thought this issue would be better, I'm disappointed! You are slipping. Try harder next time but I still love the issue no matter what!


What do you think of Passion?



  1. I love the hairstyle for the cover. A style you should e-mail Stardoll about. This issue was very interesting in itself as well. Great job.

  2. Yea, the hairs were definitely my favorite part. Great post, Isabella! :)