Saturday, February 12, 2011

Paradox by Hrly

The collection; Paradox by Hrly has released just before Valentine's Day but yet, there is no sign of love in the air. 

This one (above) is my favourite out of the collection as the pattern on the top blends well with the high gold belt and skinny jeans/black leggings. The gold goes well with the model's bronze-kissed skin which gives the whole look a good set.

As you can see, throughout the collection, the same gold,green,brown and black clothes go on. In the end, it becomes quite plain and boring to me.

Then, some more plain yet chic clothes rage in making the collection more exciting but still, I'm not fascinated with Hrly's collection.

My Review:
Graphics~ 7/10, well made. Some hair and legs just looked a bit edged.
Background~ 5/10, plain. I didn't quite get the icicles as the theme colours didn't really blend well with them. The chairs are on the stage which confuses me very.
Clothing~ 6/10, plain yet chic. I liked some but hated others.

Total Rating~ 6/10
Comment: Hrly, I was expecting more of you! Com'on girl, you have such a great talent, don't waste it. I know you could make my rates to 10 or even 9 but it's the thinking you need to do. I am a great fan of yours but today, I was not impressed.

Click -> HERE <- to visit Paradox by Hrly.

~ Isabella.

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  1. I think the background is gorgeous! so creative