Saturday, January 22, 2011

Magazine: Monster Magazine's taking the Hot Spot!

Monster Magazine, created by Wooldoor, has shown it's great position for itself as it releases today. Wooldoor has gave a great debit for her work on her project.

The cover was quite plain yet artistic to me. The pose here looks very complicated to do.

The cover girl in this one has been left anonymous to us to find out throughout the issue (which entertains me). But still, I cannot guess who it is. I am searching through the best friends she mentioned but none of them look like her.
Wooldoor commented later, saying; "Covergirl will be revealed in Issue 2"

I gazed at the amazing outfits for the Lady Gaga shoot. They suited her perfectly.

Then they gave a 'fake' interview with Lady Gaga and a real one with CC.

The photo shoots looked flawless.

I think it was a great issue and the next one should be perfect!



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  2. I'm really liking that
    image of that fierce
    its so good