Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Undiscovered Talent: Jessijenni And Her Shocking Graphics

First off, just letting you know of a new category Elite Watch has in terms of posting. 'Undiscovered Talent' will be talking about nobodies out there in dolliworld that have the talent, but just don't know how to let the world know about it. I will be posting about them here. 

Jen got inspired by a photograph she found in VOGUE Turkey for this graphic.
But enough of my ramblings on the new category! Look at the picture above. Now, you would most likely be lying if you say that your jaw didn't drop when you saw this picture. Jessijenni, an undiscovered stardoll graphic designer, just started a new blog cutely named Jen's Graphics. To be honest, the other graphics on the site are crappy--rephrase? decent but not great (just compared to this one they look bad, to clear it up), and she just started it, so there isn't an array of artwork for your graphic-hungry eyes. But, I suggest you all click that link to her site and follow it, because I don't know about you, but I will definitely stay tuned to see more of her beautiful art.

And how did I find out about this Undiscovered Talent, I ask? She advertised her new 'graphics blog' in my guestbook. 

Do you think that this girl is an Undiscovered Talent? Voice your opinions here!


  1. I Just love her graphics, she is very talented, and yes she is an undiscovered talent. With those graphics I Assure you she'd come famous.

  2. "To be honest, the other graphics on the site are crappy"
    lol I laughed so hard at that part xD
    Anyway, thanks for the post about me :)

  3. Yes it was a bit harsh, changed it up a little because looking back I think its just compared to that graphic they look bad but they're pretty good. And no problem! Your talent deserved to be posted!