Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fashion Line: Dolly Wear; Unheard of but a Spoiler of Promise

The Line: Dolly Wear

The Face: A secret.

The Opinion: I was going through the stardoll web out of sheer boredom when I came across a new line, Dolly Wear. Now, I came across a blog with somewhere around 15 followers and a tremendously ugly layout. But as I was scrolling down,  I found, to my surprise, a beautiful, promising spoiler. I adore the makeup and the background. The models are already chosen, so aspiring models, you missed your chance, but remember that Poohg_1993's Aspiring Models has Cycle 2 tryouts coming soon ;).

Your Take: You heard my review, but what about yours? Voice your opinion below in comments!

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  1. Woah thanks for commenting about my club :) Currently, Cycle 3 applications are coming soon. We've added more gorgeous, kind and elite judges to the panel as well. This seems to be a promising cycle!