Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fashion Line: Dolly Wear Strikes Again

The Line: Dolly Wear

The Face: Miss_LolitaF

The Opinion: The previous spoiler was nothing compared to it's previous, a decent but unoriginal spoiler that only gained it's beauty by color. Dolly Wear as a label is officially an 'it' line. Get ready, ladies and gentlemen,  won't be long until all of the fashion industry will be taking a bite out of it's modern pieces.
Your Take: You heard my review, but what about yours? Voice your opinion below in comments!


  1. Quite frankly, I suck at graphics. I'm no good. However, I do believe I could have created the previous spoiler that contained a blue background and blue lips. This spoiler, however looks much more thought out. Unfortunately, as I look at it closely you can see that the background near the top is the same as the one before. I'm honestly not impresses.

  2. @ Aisy
    No, you don't such at graphics. Your actually decent, and if you practice more you can be really good. Also, I think the background is the same because of the background being the collections theme :)